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* Manufactured with the best components of the market such as Led brand Cree®, which are the most efficient on the market with efficiencies of up to 170 lumens x watt consumed.

* Certificate NOM-031-2012-ANCE and Patent in process MX / a / 2013/005834.

* Meets and exceeds NOM-001-SEDE-2005.

* Warranty for 5 years and maintenance in our plant.

* Guarantees savings of more than 50% in the consumption of electricity in public lighting, 100% savings in maintenance and savings in electric conductors.

* Light source and power source replaceable with commercial components to be at the forefront with the latest technology.

* Integration of the luminaire with national components> 60%.

* Useful life of 100.00 hours.

Efficiency graph of the CREE system CREE luminous flow graph

Features Led Luminaire Housing Street Lighting 100 Watt LM:

* Housing made of die-cast aluminum (die-cast) coated with baked electrostatic paint for 500 hours of saline.

* Stainless steel screws.

* Base for photocell type Twist-Lock (Optional Accessory).

* Classification of 3G vibration.

Features Luminaire Light Emitting Led Street Lighting 100 Watt LM:

- Our 100 Watt Led LM luminaire uses a Cree® brand COB (Chip on Board) light emitter that achieves efficiency levels of up to 170 lumens x watts.

- The light emitter is interchangeable so it can be more novel and efficient as the technology advances.

- Light emitting set completely free of soldering.

Features Heat Sink of Led Luminaire Public Lighting LM 100 Watt:

- Heat sink in radial arrangement in aluminum with high vertical temperature. Dissipation area greater than 100 cm2 / watts.

Heat dissipator

Characteristics Optical Set of Led Luminaire Public Lighting LM 100 watts:

- Borosilicate glass lens with interchangeable optics without the need for special tools. (See polar diagrams)

- Lens base machined with nitrile o-ring seal.

- IP68 protection immersion proof.

parking 45 degrees

57 mm type 2 short66 mm type 2 medium

80 mm 120 degree 80 mm type 2 long

Characteristics Power Supply (Driver) of Led Luminaire Public Lighting LM 100 watts:

- Working voltage from 90 volts to 277 volts.

- Electric frequency from 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

- Power factor greater than 0.95.

- Total harmonic distortion less than 15%.

- Encapsulated in aluminum with an IP67 protection degree, waterproof.

- Completely maintenance free.

- Lifetime greater than 100,000 hours.

- 10KV / 10KA peak surge suppressor (SPI).

Color temperature of Led Luminaire Public Lighting LM 100 Watt:

- From 3,500 K to 5,000 K with an IRC> 70% (Color rendering index).

Guarantee of Led Luminaire Public Lighting LM 100 watts:

- 5 years on all components.

- Repair and spare parts service in Mexico.

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